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Become a Tutor

You can positively impact a child's life by molding their minds and enriching their learning. Whatever the subject may be, you will be making a difference in a students learning abilities and their potential for becoming great future leaders!

Sponsor an Outing

Our outings play a crucial role in exposing our students to the real world. These outings consist of educational field trips that involve self-enrichment activities. We are always looking for sponsors to plan, sponsor, and sometimes even host, our educative outings. 

Host a Workshop

Getting insight on the "real world" will put things into perspective for our students. Help us impact our children's lives by exposing them to the reality after college. Whether they might be life skills, budgeting or career advising, our students are alway in need of your guidance!   


We are always looking for volunteers to help out during our events! Please help by donating your time to Bridge Builder Tutoring, where your hard work will never go unnoticed! 

Become a Bridge Builder Tutoring Ambassador! 

Help support Bridge Builder Tutoring by sharing our mission! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to show us your support. Spread the word and help Prepare our Future Leaders for the Future! 

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Give a Donation

By choosing to donate to Bridge Builder Tutoring, you are taking an active role in ensuring student preparation for higher education and beyond. Thank you for your generosity! 

To get involved and help support Bridge Builder Tutoring,

please contact our Activities Coordinator by filling out the form below.

Please make sure to write what kind of involvement you are interested in on the Subject line.  

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