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Bridge Builder Tutoring was created by a small group of Graduate males, with their studies in various disciplines, who have worked with inner-city children in various programs. These men had two thoughts in common, they saw a need for: High School preparation and workforce preparation.


With teaching emphasis on Common Core Practices and Standards, we, the Bridge Builder Tutoring Founders, felt the need for these Standards to be established and addressed in order to enhance Student preparation for today’s School System and the Workforce.


Our Business/Study Skills component prepares students for Scholarship eligibility and attainment, and offers Job Application Tips & Tactics. We also provide various Entertainment Activities and Outings to strengthen Social Skills among our Program Participants.


Jamaris Ealy
Founder, President 

"As a Doctoral Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction with a Masters in Math and Science Teaching and 13 years of classroom teaching experience, I have devoted the majority of my adult life to teaching and inspiring our children. Coming from the Garfield Park area of Chicago and attending inner city elementary and high schools, I have seen, first hand, the distractions, dangers, and difficulties that Chicago students face on a daily basis.

"While attaining my Bachelor's in Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I took note of some of the methods, skills, and relationships that helped me along the way. I have always believed that holding a child's interests and catering to their learning style is equally as important as setting a strong curriculum. Games and other manipulatives are tools that I frequently use during my instruction, along with teaching styles tailored to audio and visual learners. Employing this mindset and these methods has helped me be successful as both a classroom instructor and Mathematics coordinator at various levels of instruction (K-college), and it has helped to obtain consistent improvement in standardized testing results of my students.

"I have focused my efforts both inside and outside of the classroom, as I have served on multiple tutoring programs, contributed to multiple community service-focused professional organizations, and I have founded the Bridge Builder Tutoring nonprofit organization. I currently serve as Math Department Chair at Marine Leadership Academy, where I have served on the Instructional Leadership Board."

"Growing up in Chicago's Garfield Park neighborhood was tough for me as a child. Surrounded by gangs, drugs, and anti-scholastic mindsets, it was the Grace of GOD combined with the Blessings of involved and loving parents, engaging teachers, and extracurricular activities which allowed me to thrive in an otherwise hostile environment.


"It is my belief that with the help of similar, supplemental extracurricular activities and programs, like Bridge Builder Tutoring, other "At-Risk" youth can rise above their circumstances and achieve their scholastic and professional goals.

"I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Project Management. I have applied my business Ethics, Project Management, and Analytical expertise in several positions including Insurance Sales Management, Business Development Consultant, and Call Center Analytics. I welcome the opportunity to serve my community and help our youth enrich their lives through Bridge Builder Tutoring’s activities, programs, and services."

Vince Williams Jr.

Co-Founder, Treasurer

"Born and raised in the Garfield Park community on the West side of Chicago, I've always loved my city. I was blessed to be raised by a GOD-Loving and GOD-Fearing family, who placed a strong emphasis on ethics, morality, and education. They supported me throughout my educational career, from K-12 and throughout my collegiate years at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. 

"Today, as a customer-facing Software Project Manager with 7 years of experience, I look back on the adversities my peers and I faced during my formative years, and how, if not for the Grace of GOD, things could have turned out much differently for me.


"From Community Service, to Mentoring and participation in Professional Organizations, to co-founding the Bridge Builder Tutoring nonprofit organization, I now feel a sense of duty, to give back to Chicago's inner city areas and share some of the support and guidance that helped me succeed in my educational and professional career."

Glenn Williams 

Co-Founder, Secretary

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