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Our Mission

Preparing our Future Leaders for the Future! 

Bridge Builder Tutoring was created by a small group of Graduate men, with their studies in various disciplines, who have worked with inner-city children in various programs. These men had two thoughts in common. They saw a need for: 1) High School preparation and 2) Workforce preparation.


With teaching emphasis on Common Core Practices and Standards, we, the Bridge Builder Tutoring Founders, felt the need for these Standards to be established and addressed in order to enhance Student preparation for today’s School System, and the Workforce. Our Business/Study Skills component prepares students for Scholarship eligibility and attainment, and offers Job Application Tips & Tactics. We also provide various Entertainment Activities and Outings, to strengthen Social Skills among our Program Participants.

Bridge Builder tutoring offers a variety of services to support student's success, including: Tutoring, outings and workshops. 

Want to become a part of the Bridge Builder team? There are many ways you can get involved in preparing our future leaders for the future!

By choosing to donate to Bridge Builder Tutoring, you are taking an active role in ensuring student preparation for higher education and beyond.

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